Join a Committee

Volunteers on IWC Committees provide the knowledge to develop standards and other technical publications to serve the ever-changing industry. With more than 1500 volunteers and 200 IWCcertification committee, technical expert committees, subcommittees, and task groups dedicated to the development of consensus standards, course material, research papers there is an opportunity for everyone to contribute.

IWC's training and certification standards are developed by expert committees, mechanical engineers and others who represent various facets of their industries, from manufacturers and installers to insurers, inspectors, distributors, regulatory agencies and end users.

IWC offers interested parties an opportunity to participate in our certification development process regardless of nationality or residency.These professionals play a vital role in defining the required skills of their industries and of mechanical engineering.

IWCcommittee participation provides the opportunity to share your knowledge and the contractor’s perspective in the development of new certification standards and industry technology.

Contractor participation on committees are a critical part of IWC’s process for creating industry resources.

Share your industrial knowledge by serving on an IWC committee.


Contribute to the body of technical information which has provided professional expertise, authority, and stability to the industry through IWC.Network with leading experts in the oil and gas industry and pave the way for the future of industry.

By participating in IWC committee work

  1. You will expand your personal network by working and debating issues of public interest with other influential players in the area of ​​certification and skills development.
  2. You will learn about the roles played by various organizations to ensure that recruiters and the general public can confidently rely on the certificates provided.
  3. You will become familiar with the process leading to the establishment of independence standards, auditing standards and other certification standards.
  4. You will become aware of the challenges involved in approving standards that apply to the certification of individuals, and the impact of these challenges on the oversight role.
  5. You will have the opportunity to serve the community while gaining in-depth experience and knowledge.
  6. You will gain experience that will make you a valued member of any other board.


We seek candidates who are eager to play a role in protecting the public interest and have:

  1. General knowledge of technical services in oil, gas, petrochemical, energy and maritime industry.
  2. A certain knowledge of the technical aspects of human resources management and in particular the development of skills as well as standards Strong knowledge of the method of evaluating impartiality and confidentiality.
  3. Recruitment experience.
  4. Training experience.

Other specific requirements are indicated in committee member job description.

If you prefer, you may fill out a print version of the following forms and mail it tocertification@iwc-group.com.tn

1.    Committeemember application.

2.    Your resume.

3.    Applicant photo.

4.    Code of conductAnd IWC policies

5.    Member job description (fill one of the following)