• After the approval of opening a training session, the IWC-IS shall publish any event 2 months before the start.
  • The candidate application shall be closed 2 week before the start and the candidate initial application form with related documents shall be scanned and send to certification@iwc-group.com.tn immediately.
  • The acceptance or the rejection of candidate application is full responsibility of IWC Certification department.
  • The original candidate file will be send by postal with exam.
  • Training facilities must be adequately lit, and there must be enough tables and space for the number of people scheduled to take training.
  • All handbook and others course material shall be prepared maximum 1 week before the training start.
  • All training documents shall be filled in the adequate time and sent by postal with exam.
  • After the training session is finished the IWC-IS shall prepare the training certificate (IWC form) and transmit it to candidate in the final training day.
  • An original copy of training certificate shall be sent by postal with exam.


  • Prior to the exam, the IWC has secured the testing site. IWC Certification Department and/or IWC-IS supervisor must inspect testing facilities and ensure that all necessary supplies are on hand.
  • Testing locations should be quiet and situated so that distractions are eliminated or minimized.
  • Exam Facilities must be adequately lit, and there must be enough tables and space for the number of people scheduled to take the exam.
  • If necessary for the particular event, the IWC and/or IWC-IS supervisor verifies that the facility is accessible to the physically disabled and that any special accommodations needed are in place.
  • The IWC and/or IWC-IS supervisor also makes sure that supplies, such as pencils and calculators, are stocked. If any issues with the testing site are noted, IWC and/or IWC-IS supervisors must contact IWC Certification department immediately.
  • Just before candidates are admitted, IWC and/or IWC-IS test supervisors see that nothing in the room could provide exam answers, such as scraps of paper left by previous candidates or conversations from previous candidates nearby.
  • After exam, the candidate shall evaluate the training and exam session and fill the required form.